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    Working with a therapist can help you to…
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    …deepen your own self-awareness, insight, and understanding.
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    …create new choices, fresh opportunities, and different solutions.
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    …achieve your goals and experience a greater sense of
    connection, fulfillment, and wellbeing.
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    …accept yourself in a more meaningful and satisfying way.
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    Working with a therapist provides an opportunity for you to
    discover and realize what is truly important to you.



  • Are you feeling anxious, unhappy, stuck? Having trouble coping? Not sure what to do or where to turn?
  • Perhaps something in your life isn’t working. Your relationship? Your family? Your career?
  • Has the addiction of a loved one wreaked havoc on your life?
  • Or, are you struggling after the death of someone you loved, perhaps a parent or partner?

When life feels this overwhelming, seeking help may not feel like the natural next step, but there is tremendous hope in reaching out for support.

As a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, I have experience working with older teens, adults, and couples. Areas of interest and specialty include:

  • Anxiety, stress, and worry
  • Sadness, depression, and low mood
  • Grief, bereavement, and loss
  • Parents of children/young adults struggling with addiction
  • Couples experiencing relationship distress or parenting challenges
  • Adults with a life-changing or chronic illness

If you’re feeling apprehensive about starting therapy, please call me to schedule your FREE office consultation. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you, talk about your concerns, and begin creating an environment where you feel relaxed, comfortable, and supported. Together, we can face your challenges and help you achieve what is truly important to you.